Thursday, August 20, 2009

MORE, MORE of Charleston Family Vacation

Family Vacation Photo (compliments of Scottie)

That's enough pictures, time to go. Good Night Scottie!

Gail & Earl

Jim & Evelyn

Michael, a freshman in HS



Jimmy Dale realxing in his own backyard

Madison cooking up a storm in the kitchen

Anthony M and Anthony G playing beer pong
No ID's needed here

Grandma & Grandpa with Anthony & Sadie

Jenna & Michelle celebrating a win!!

Brandt & Jacob


All the kids at Folley Beach

Lisa & Jimmy Dale

Karen & Brian with their families

Sadie & Kira

Brian & Erin and Madison, Jax, Sadie & Ireland

Ethan James Guglielmo

Billy, Noah, Ethan, Roman, Madison, Catalina & Alli

Danny & Kira at the beach

Linda & Scott Hogan and Meghan & Allie

Michael & Lori with Michael & Anthony

Alex & Scottie with Billy, Catalina & Allie

Catalina & Allie McCauley and Allie Hogan

Michael & Lori

Linda, Karen & Michelle

SAMMY - Now a senior in HS


Ashley & Grandpa watching a game of Beer Pong

Nicole & Jacob by pool
and Ethan & Allie at the hot tub

Handsome Jacob McCauley

Danny's girlfriend, Leah....

Erin & Tyson

Ashley & Ryan

Nicole & Brandt with Kira & Jacob at Folley Beach

Grandpa Kim & Jacob

Michael & Uncle Earl at the "McCauley Bar"

Sadie & Ireland

Sadie, Meghan & Noah

More Charleston Family Vacation

Anthony and Michael (North meets south)

Anthony listening to Karen.....

Allie McCauley & Allie Hogan

THE COUSINS - Scott, Brian, Karen, Jimmy, Linda, Michael & Michelle

Annual McCauley Cup Tournament Winners
1st Place - Scott Hogan
2nd Place - Jim McCauley
3rd Place - Jimmy Dale McCauley

Gail & Evelyn at the Annual McCauley Cup Tournament
Charleston National Golf Course in Charlston, SC

Madison holding Jacob

Monday, August 17, 2009

More from Charleston, SC 2009

This is Jax and Anthony

Here's Noah, Ireland and Sadie going on a bike ride.

Here is Catalina, Madison, Ethan, Ally, Alison and Sadie