Thursday, March 10, 2011

The boyz of summer are baaaack!!!!

Let the TEE-BALLIN begin!!!!!
Gentlemen take the field!!!!
#2 of the Diamondbacks, Matthew!!!

Pre-game warm ups...

So this pitchers got a good slider eh???
The aftergame nap...

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Texas fun

We are all having a blast in Texas. It's not going to be easy coming back. Here are some quick photos of our trip so far.

Anthony with Roman and Jax - who have trouble sitting still for any photos.

The kids hangin' out in downtown Austin.

Twins, separated at birth. Roman and Jax in their regular nightly routine - bed, goldfish snacks and TV.

Our first night out. Having nachos with a fantastic view!

Guglielmos trip to Texas

The boys made themselves more than at home on the flight.

Getting ready to land. The kids were super antsy to see their cousins at this point.

Karen and Noah getting comfy for take off.

Here's the fabulous plane we had all for ourselves. We were SO spoiled.

In Boston in the private jet lounge waiting for our solo flight.