Thursday, August 30, 2007

Another East Coast Update

Well the sun finally came back out...more vacation pictures to follow shortly. But here are some shots of the recent trips taken, hope you enjoy the tour...

Here I am in Hamburg, Germany in July visiting our old family friend Meike ! She looks exactly the same 10 years later.!

This was Mumbai, India...a bit wind blown we were out on a boat at night on the sea! Yes, I am wearing a sari. I am definitely technically challenged here. ?!!! I think you recognize this place. One of the greatest wonders of the world!!! HELP.... This is Red and Laura's beautiful son with his Grandma on his special Day out in Redendo Beach, California.

DUKE the DOG of Jewel Lane

May our good old dog DUKE rest in peace (in his final resting place behind our home on Jewel Lane). He was a great dog and we all miss him. Here's to the good times we all had on Jewel Lane and the wonderful memories we carry with us today. Thanks to whoever posted this.
Jim & Evelyn

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to school

My big man started school at Sacred Heart in town. Here are some photos of him in his little school uniform. Also some of him with his brothers Roman and Noah on the way to school.

Monday, August 27, 2007


The Texas McCauley's are online. Good to hear from everyone. Here are some of the latest Photos and Videos from Austin!!

PGA Weekend Tour Results

Hi All,

Not sure if anyone saw this on ESPN this weekend, but here's the news recap:

WINGDALE, NY AUG. 25th- With the heat index and humidity levels soaring to 100 this past Saturday, the PGA tour swung into Silo Ridge Golf Course. On the 11:30 am pairing was Evelyn McCauley, Sean McCauley, James McCauley and Ed "Buzzy" Brock. Paried in teams the foursome (Evelyn/Sean vs. Jim/Buzzy), battled the heat and course on a steamy New York afternoon. The early holes went to the seasoned veterans of Brock/McCauley, with solid driving accuracy and a amazing 70' chip in birdie on the third hole by Buzzy put Evelyn/Sean in catch-up mode right away. Jim McCauley's solid double bogey golf as usual kept the pressure on throughout the first nine. The back nine was a different story, Evelyn & Sean rejuvenated from a hotdog & beer lunch on the turn, turned up the heat. Evelyn was quoted after the match as saying "I knew if we stayed close on the front nine we had a shot. They looked tired going into the 10th and that was the time we decided to put them away." True to her comeback nature, the duo recaptured the lead and never looked back. After pulling the match back to even, they went up by two and held on by playing par golf. Visibly tired and mentally frustrated, the Brock/McCauley pairing never could make a run for the title late in the match. To add insult to injury the PGA is investigating questionable score keeping. After Sergio Garcia's disqualification at this year's British Open for false scoring, the PGA has said they will open a full investigation. Evelyn McCauley was again quoted in the clubhouse after the match saying "Jim has a long history of gimmes and mulligans that I have always questioned with his score. I used to carry an abacus counting device, I would glady loan it to Jim. I am just glad to see the officials are finally taking notice." The four are looking to setup a rematch for later this year.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Hi Laura & Chris & Mathew -
We love The McCauley Clan blog. Really terrific what you have done and we are all very appreciative of your efforts. I am writing to Santa Claus to bring me a digital camera for
Christmas this year. ...... Big Jim and I don't want to be left out.
Everyone looks great.

We love you all.

Uncle Jimmy & Aunt Evelyn

Love this

This is great. I finally am in and now need to get my digital camera fixed so I can upload some photos. It's so great to see all of you online. Keep the pictures coming. I'll post some later this week hopefully.

karen g (formerly McCauley, of course)

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Back Home in Chi-town

The McCauley Boys

Monday, August 13, 2007

Greetings from NY

Hi Chris and Laura:

Sorry we missed the big event. Looking forward to hearing and seeing all of the updates.

Aunt Gail

Thanks for a great time in LA!!!

Thanks for setting up the site Red. It looks great. Can't wait to stay in touch with everyone. It was wonderful to see everyone there for Matthew's christening. Looking forward to seeing you all online soon. More pictures to follow shortly.

LA Trip

Red, great site. I'll upload some Vegas pics shortly. It was great to see everyone in LA yesterday. Talk to you all soon.