Saturday, December 25, 2010

From the desk of Helen update

Ok lurkers and lookers I have amends to make! well one it seems? so let me take care of that first!Dear Jimmy I don't want you to be mad at me! I do LIKE you, I never ment to leave you off the team I just put Gail in there as the brother sister connection team mascot! Scott was the team NY. So Im fixing the mixup you are Jimmy team leader in Conn. I know better then anyone because I know everything! That you and Gail love your brother and I was just hoping to give everyone a little piece of mind not offend! So if your happy now Im happy :)No hard feelings?Now for team Florida up date, I thought this was the time of year we think about the birth of baby Jesus and the three wise men and the north star? well it turnes out we had Uncle Bill and the three Dr. visits and his anchor firmly planted here in Florida for the next three months.although it was not something Uncle Bill wanted to do Im sure he did let Owen and I go with him to meet his Doctors and here what they had to say.Im pleased to let everyone know Uncle Bill showed bravery at its best as he went from visit to visit holding on to true Christmass hope that one of of them would give him the ok to fly. As we all know now they did not. I saw first had how the best of uncle Bill came through when the last Dr we saw nearly bit his head off with such an idea!Thats when he got it!hehee His heart is in the healing and streagnthing phase, no Exercise just doing normal everyday things and walking untill his next EKG so I will feed him Honey Backed Ham and turkey and let him enjoy all his christmass decorations he gave away that are around my livingroom including but not limmited to his BRIGHTLY lit santa face that hung on his porch.There will be family although not his very own we will surrond him with love and good company untill the day Lauren can drive him to the airport for the first of many trips he is waiting to take! So as I end my rambling lol It is with warm and loving thoughts we here in Floria will take care of a very special brother, father, papa and uncleHave a wonderful Christmass and not to worrie Im on the McCauley post untill he fires me...... God Bless Uncle Bill, Love team leader in FL Helen

Monday, December 20, 2010

From the desk of Helen Esposito (Florida)

Just a few lines to say hello and let everyone know you are about to become a member of a very special and very inportant team. All of use have a role in our parents life, that is not their favorite topic of conversation but one we are all talking about and that is their changing health. I say parent because Uncle bill has always been a father figure to me. I have been watching and listening to everyone in their care and concern for him. Uncle Bill who lives here in florida where he is happy, but more inportant to him is his ability to travel and visit his children and grandchildren.And I know you guys need to know he is ok. So I have educated myself to the facts of heart failour and understand what it is.Out of concern for my own mother and now Uncle Bill So I dubed myself team leader in the sence that Uncle Bill needs a pair of eyes and ears at the Dr. office as i would if it were my father.My eyes might not be good but my ears and mouth are quite fine.So we now have team McCauley here in Florida, headed by myself, Gary, Lauren, Uncle jimmy, and Cathleen as support team doers. Whatever that intails they will do.Then we have team NY headed by Scott and Gail and anyone else that is related in that area when Uncle Bill is in the area. Then team Kyle in the chicargo area, Owen in Nabraska I think thats where you live?hehee anyway and Dr Laura and Chris in Califorina. I give Uncle Bill a big thumbs up for his efforts to do as his Dr say, he is eating healthy taking his medications montering his weight and watching his salt no pushing pulling or lifting anything heavy. Uncle bill has the best part of his health plan under control and that is his healthy attitude towards changes in his health and life and a positive willingness to do whatever he has to to live his best life possibale a good attitude is his best defence. A few others in the family who shall remain nameless should use him as a role model.All health conditions can be managed but you need a cooperating body to do the work and except help when needed.In no way does this mean your life is over it just needs a little fine tuning and we all are a team when it comes to family and should all be on the same page when it comes to family members that don't live near family.It is with love and concern for my uncle Bill and knowing how much my cousins lover their father and aunt Gail I wrote this post.with much love Team florida
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Saturday, December 11, 2010

A future prospect...

From the right side...

From the left side...

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Friday, December 3, 2010

Big Bill Discharge