Tuesday, October 9, 2007

To All Family Members and golf enthusiasts of all ages:

Before the coronation of Jim McCauley as Senior Golfer of the Year or the Comeback Kid (?), one important point should be raised here: it's about a club that the Senior Mr. McCauley carries in his bag. To say the least, it is of questionable origin and suspicious design. For whenever, he is within say 20 yards of the pin, he reaches into his golf bag of tricks and proceeds to hit the ball either into to the hole or to within 2' to 3' after which he says 'that's a gimme' and picks up his ball. I don't believe the man even carries a putter in his bag.
Furthermore, it has been reported by several people in the huge galleries that follow our foursome around, that Senior Jim has been overheard, mumbling (yes, mumbling) to himself, as he reaches into his golf bag that famous line from the movie Scarface, "Say hello to my little friend, The Chipper". He then proceeds to strike the ball with this club (or whatever it is) to the yells of the gallery; "You da' man" or "It's in the hole"...most annoying!
To this date, Senior Jim has refused to submit that club for a PGA inspection and ruling as to its legitimacy. I, for one, would like to see the Senior Mr. McCauley play another round without that club in his bag so as to level the playing field for the rest of us before any Awards Dinner takes place.

See you all on the tour!
Ed Brock

Monday, October 8, 2007

Future Champions

Soccer Update from HAMDEN, NH - Under Coach Anthony Guglielmo's guidance this team
with first year soccer player Ethan Guglielmo should have a great year. Ethan should show
his great talent by the end of the season. Grandpa and Grandma McCauley will be at his game Sat October 20th and will be cheering for Ethan and his team along with future stars Noah and Roman.

Future Champions

Sports update from AUSTIN, TEXAS - Leading soccer scorer, Madison McCauley doing a great job. The team loves her and they are undefeated and she is having a lot of fun. Great Athlete.
JAX McCauley, leading in football touchdowns and also most tackles. Great job for a 5 yr old.
We should be seeing more of JAX in the future starting running back at WVU his fathers old football team.

Future Champions

Quick weekend sports update from WOODSTOCK, GA - Michael McCauley, Jr and Anthony McCauley football update. Both teams remain undefeated for this season. Great Job guys.
Grandma & Grandpa McCauley are looking forward to being at the game on Saturday, October 13th. Keep us all updated with your progress even into the championship playoffs.

Championship Golf Match

This weekend Sat Oct 6th a championship golf match was held at Western Hills Golf Course in CT with three foursomes competing for the champhionship. Famous players were Ed Brock, Earl Briggs, Danny McCauley, Brandt McCauley, James Dale McCauley,
Jim McCauley, Joe LaBarbera (Lisa's dad and former cupholder). A quick update of this match, Jim MCauley came out on top with low score of the match & skins winner. Jim now will be
carrying the torch and the cupholder in the future. Joe LaBarbera had a hard time in defeat but Jim explained to him that it is time for him to settle back and enjoy his retirement. And at this time someone that can handle trash-talking from the upcoming young golfers has to be able to compete against these young fellows which Jim has proved so elequently on Saturday. Not only
did Jim get the cup to carry but also put Jimmy Dale, Danny, Brandt, Earl and Ed all in his back pocket. But at this time Jim would like to compliment Ed Brock for his compassion on the 17th hole by missing a 4-inch putt and allowing Earl Briggs to at least go home with one skin for 18 holes. Also, it should be said that Earl Briggs should step down the ladder to the par 3's and maybe in the future he can have a shot at the cup. As for Jimmy Dale it might take weeks, maybe months to get over this defeat but to sit around by himself and second guess, Jim's advise would be to reach out to his father-in-law and both may recover from this defeat within months instead of years. As Phil, Tiger and Ernie were quoted on ESPN, "This was one of the greatest matches that came down the pipe and a true champion has emerged victorious." The next match should be a great match also. Sean McCauley is the next contender but Jim is looking forward to another victory. Jim would like to thank all who worked on the match and the social gatheries that followed over the weekend.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007


I don't know who posted that anonymous note, but if I were a betting girl it would be someone West of NY! Yes, the wheels feel off the bus...:( however, it was a great season until the last three weeks. I am going to jump on the bandwagon and say...Willie must go right back to the Bronx...he waits way too long to take out the pitchers when they clearly don't have it. IE: Glavine this past weekend.
Bring back Mazzilli!

In the end Ya Gotta Believe! Heck we have been through worst years as Met's fans.